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Who We Are

We Are West Wing Inc.

We are a team of experts that have spent years working with solo practitioners and law firms. We have listened, learned, and are prepared to help your law firm grow.

What defines us?

What defines us is a history of exceeding our client’s expectations online and in the board room.

As leading experts in the legal sector, West Wing Agency is a team of Legal Professionals, Award Winning Web Designers, Award Winning Publicists, Marketing Gurus, and graphic artists all in one place.

What We Do

  • We benchmark our success by our client’s success. Therefore we are in the business of enhancing your reputation.

  • We build credibility and increase brand awareness by generating news value in everything we do.

  • We are persuaders, influencers, opinion-makers, writers, content creators, and experienced producers.

  • Guided by data and instinct, we focus our collective energies and talents on driving brand stories and generating news.

Our Vision & Mission

At West Wing inc, our mission is to provide first-class counsel and create solutions that are suited to your specific needs. West Wing Inc is nationally known as one of the most innovative and informative media companies. We strive towards perfection for every one of our clients, and our goal is to surpass their highest expectations. Throughout your campaigns, we will work with you every step of the way to help your brand be the best!

The Story

The story of West Wing inc began long before the merger of West Levy PR and BWingMedia. Individually both of these companies were at the top of their respective fields.

West Levy PR

West Levy PR was a niche Public Relations firm founded by Heather West in 2010. Headquartered in New York City, West Levy PR catered to a diversified client base, representing individuals and companies from the entertainment, sports, corporate, fashion, and non-profit sectors. Not only did Ms. West launch successful press and media campaigns for those on her roster, but she created an award-winning podcast for some of the world’s most forward-thinking innovators. 


BWingMedia was a full-service website and graphic design company founded by Brenden Wing and known for the slogan “Creating The Solution.”

BWingMedia At It's Core

BWingMedia created solutions for a wide variety of projects like website & graphic design, social media, product development, branding, and much more.

BWingMedia believes that you shouldn’t limit your full potential by stuffing your project into a “Square Space” or trying to piece together a D.I.Y. template.

BWingMedia was also known for its black and yellow color scheme and still believes in working harder than a bee to help its clients and brings that same work ethic to West Wing Agency LLC.

West Levy PR + BWingMedia = West Wing Inc.

With West Levy PR and BWingMedia’s high-profile clientele added to their resumes, merging their companies made sense. In addition, merging their companies offered their clientele efficiency. For the person who just wanted to get it done, they didn’t have to seek elsewhere for this or that when launching their startup. They had only to turn to West Wing inc. to have the #1 marketing team for law firms, lawyers, and businesses.

You are the next chapter

Contact us today to learn how to grow your company and see how your story goes.

Copyright © 2023 West Wing Agency LLC. All rights reserved. 

Solutions by:  West Wing Agency LLC

Copyright © 2023 All rights reserved.

Solutions by:  West Wing Agency LLC