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It's More Than Just A Logo

What is Branding?

So what is branding? Well, in the old days, a cowboy would take a hot iron and stamp a mark on their property, and that was branding. Today as is with all things, the term has evolved. Branding is promoting a particular product or company utilizing advertising and distinctive design.

A majority of lawyers and law firms know what a brand is. However, most have never learned the process and value of proper branding. Furthermore, they left what is one of the most critical parts of their image to an intern instead of a professional. Not using a professional can cost you money and time. 

Why Is It Important?

Your branding is important because it is the face of your Law Firm or Business. Branding is about the feeling of the image or symbol used to create your brand and the emotion it evokes when viewing it for the first time. It’s also about building long-term engagement as well as a symbol that invokes trust; the handshake that every leading and successful law firm or business needs.

The research behind the brand

Research has shown people will form an opinion about your brand within the first 3 seconds of interacting with it. They judge the symbol or image used in your brand, design, color, font, and overall content. This opinion will make or break their trust and confidence in your brand and ability to win your case.


If you gain people’s trust, they will likely choose you over your competition. For example, most people report they are likelier to retain an attorney or begin a relationship with a business they trust. Even your best marketing skills will fail without a good brand and solid online reputation.

How to stand apart

With the Internet, your customers have plenty of options. So why should they select your law firm or business? A distinguished brand will help you stand apart from your competition, rocket you passed them, and drive more business your way.

Schedule a free consultation today

Schedule a free consultation today

Hire A Professional or DIY?

That is a good question. I would say give it a go if you are an artist and have the confidence you can.  Yet, I guess you are here because you don’t have the skill set or time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, you will get further faster by not trying to do everything yourself. So think of it this way, would you advise someone to go Pro Se Pro Per, or would you advise someone to hire an attorney?

You may have thought, “Can I get by with what I have? 

You may be the best there is at choosing a jury but not know the best colors for your logo, the design for your website, or how to design to produce quality content. And for these reasons, our agency exists.

With our branding services, you can access a team of professionals dedicated to helping you build your brand. This team of professionals will assess your law firm or business and work with you to realize your dreams.

Our agency services can help you design your logo, build your website, and develop other assets to drive business your way.  We will help you nail your branding once and for all, and never settle for average again.

Here are just a few services we do to help our clients build their brands:

  • Color Psychology
  • Font Styling 
  • Brand Strategy
  • Target Audience Research
  • Tagline 
  • Name Assistant
  • Logo Design
  • Website integration
  • Packaging
  • & More

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Solutions by:  West Wing Agency LLC

Copyright © 2023 All rights reserved.

Solutions by:  West Wing Agency LLC